The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (hereafter abbreviated as A.U.TH.) is a state institution established in 1925 after the proposal of the Prime Minister Alexander Papanastasiou. Initially four Schools were established, those of Theology, Philosophy, Law & Economic Sciences and the School of Medicine. Today A.U.TH. is the largest University in Greece with 34 Departments and approximately 60,000 full-time students. The teaching and research staff (Full Professors, Associate Professors, Assistant Professors and Lecturers - all of which hold PhD degrees -) amounts to about 1750. There are also about 600 graduate students and special educational staff. Finally, the administrative and technical staff amounts to about 1500.

The A.U.TH. campus, which covers approximately 110 metric acres of land, is located in the center of Thessaloniki and is still expanding with the creation of satellite campuses located in the suburbs, serving the needs of Schools such as the Veterinary and Medical Schools. Affiliated to the A.U.TH. are several subsidiary branches as the Experimental School (a model primary and secondary education unit), the School of Modern Greek Language (offering courses throughout the year and intensive courses during the summer), the Institute of Modern Greek Studies (known also as the Manolis Triantafillidis Institute), the Center for Byzantine Research, and the Tellogleion Foundation housing a remarkable art collection.

Research at the A.U.TH. : About 1600 research programs are currently in progress at the A.U.TH., with a total budget of approximately 20 billion GDr[1] ( 70 MECU). Research is funded by a number of national sources, the local industry and the EC. More detailed information is available at the Office of the Research Committee, Administration Building, tel : +(30 31) 996-741.